Why bring your family to Camp?

Camp is a place of memory making. Many people look back fondly on the memories they have of coming to camp as a child/teen. Some would even say that camp was their favorite place to be, or that they looked forward to it more than any other event in the year.

Bringing your family to camp is a wonderful way to be intentional about bringing your family closer together and making lasting memories. You’ll have a chance to relax, participate in camp activities like zip line and canoeing, attend worship sessions, have scheduled time for family devotions and share meals (that you didn’t have to cook!) in our dining room.

It’s a vacation where we plan and run the activities and you can focus on spending time with your family. It’s a vacation with an emphasis on spiritual growth. Where else can you get that? There are many benefits to sending a child to camp and allowing them to unplug, enjoy nature and make new friends, why not enjoy those same benefits as a family?

Here’s a great article from the Christian Camp & Conference Association about family camp vs other vacations.

You can find out more specifics and register for our Family Camp here.

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