Prayers for Camp

As you pray for Kaleidoscope Camp this summer, here are some specific things to lift up.

Staff have requested prayers for:

  • Health and physical endurance over the course of the summer.
  • Connection and bonding with their campers.
  • Having the right words to say when they don’t know how to respond to a camper.
  • An attitude that would know and remember frequently that they are not here to give of their own strength, but to be used and be a vessel for God’s strength and love. An attitude that allows them to step out of the way and let God work through them, and even in spite of them.
  • Wisdom as they make choices, so they can be an example that points the campers to the Lord.
  • A joy and excitement about the Word that draws the campers in and gets them excited about it!

Prayers for the campers:

  • Connections with friends, old and new, and their counselors.
  • Fun and safety as they participate in activities.
  • An openness to the teaching presented during worship time and cabin devotions.
  • Curiosity and the freedom to ask questions about their faith.
  • A willingness to learn, challenge themselves and grow.
  • For those who do not know the saving grace of Jesus Christ, pray that seeds would fall on soft hearts and the Holy Spirit would be drawing them to repentance.

Thank you for your prayers as we engage in ministry with our campers this summer!

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