Plan Your Retreat 102: Scheduling 

When you begin planning a retreat, some of the first things you’ll need to decide are when it will be and how long it will go for.

Weekends in the summer are our most popularly booked dates. For more flexibility in our availability, consider doing a retreat during the off-season, or during the week if possible for your group.

The length of time you choose for your retreat is very important to how beneficial it will be for your participants. A one night retreat will keep costs lower and perhaps more people can attend if they would find it difficult to get away for longer, but we think there are several reasons why you should consider making your retreat at least 2 nights.

  • If your retreat goes from one evening through the next afternoon leaving enough time for travel both ways, you’ll be traveling and packing for almost as long as you’d be here. For all the work you do preparing for the retreat, you should have something long enough to enjoy before it’s over.
  • It’s hard to transition into ‘relaxation mode’ in just one day. Just when your retreat participants are settling in, it will be time to pack up and leave.
  • If your retreat is programmed then you won’t have time for downtime. You will be going from session to session without time to breathe and digest the information in between.
  • If your group doesn’t all know each other well prior to the retreat, it will take more than one day for them to really begin forming bonds that will last beyond your stay here.

One of our unique features is the sense of space, peace and relaxation that our guests enjoy here. We have several outdoor recreation options including hiking trails through our peaceful woods. Allow your guests, and yourself, time to enjoy the grounds, have some downtime and really relax! A retreat that feels as rushed as normal life isn’t much of a retreat at all!

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