Meeting & Conference Rooms

WCRC is equipped with a variety of indoor 
conference rooms and outdoor meeting areas.

Magnolia Center 
seats up to 100 for dining or 120 for meeting

Holly or Laurel Cottage 
up to 50 guests

Oakwood Lodge Meeting Rooms (2) 
up to 50 guests each

The Village Commons (2) 
up to 40 guests in A, up to 70 guests in B

Pavilion in Campground 30’x60′ 
up to 50 guests

Edgewood Pavilion 40’x100′ 
up to 200 guests

Outdoor Worship Center 
up to 150 guests

Three Crosses Campfire Area 
up to 60 guests

Retreats, Family Reunions, Overnight Stays.
No matter the occasion, we’ll help you enjoy every moment.

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