Conference Rooms In Williamsburg, Va

Conference & Meeting Rooms
in Williamsburg, VA

Williamsburg Christian Retreat Center (WCRC) is equipped with a variety of indoor conference rooms and outdoor meeting areas.

  • Large meeting areas: You’ll find indoor gathering space for up to 120 people and outdoor space for up to 200. Details below.
  • Small meeting spaces: WCRC is also equipped with smaller indoor meeting rooms and other outdoor spaces that are perfect for breakout sessions, small group prayer/discussion time, or 1-on-1 mentoring. See details below.

Coffee makers are available in meeting rooms and all meeting rooms are equipped with a TV, DVD player, and a whiteboard at no additional charge.

Meeting Room Options


Magnolia Center
seats up to 100 for dining or 120 for meeting

  • Free when you have a group of over 50 staying in Oakwood Lodge

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Laurel Cottage
up to 50 guests


Holly Cottage
up to 50 guests

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Oakwood Lodge Meeting Rooms (2)
up to 50 guests each

  • Free when you reserve six rooms

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The Village Commons (2)
up to 40 guests in A, up to 70 guests in B

  • Free when you book four or more cabins


Pavilion in Campground 30’x60′
up to 50 guests


Edgewood Pavilion 40’x100′
up to 200 guests

Outdoor Worship Center

Outdoor Worship Center
up to 150 guests

  • Free for lodged guests

Pines Campfire Ring

Pines Campfire Ring
up to 30 guests

  • Free for lodged guests

Conference Rooms In Williamsburg, Va

Three Crosses Campfire Area
up to 60 guests

  • Free for lodged guests

More About Group Retreats

Our Location

Conveniently located near Colonial Williamsburg & Busch Gardens in VA!

Our central location in the Mid-Atlantic makes it easy for families travel to Williamsburg Christian Retreat Center. We’re easily accessible from North Carolina, Maryland, Washington D.C., etc. because we’re only ~30 minutes from I-95 and 5 minutes from I-64.

Approximate Driving Times:

  • Richmond, VA – :40
  • Norfolk, VA – 1:05
  • Virginia Beach – 1:10
  • Washington, DC – 2:10
  • Charlottesville, VA – 1:40
  • Rocky Mount, NC – 2:20
  • Harrisonburg, VA – 2:30
  • Greenville, NC – 2:50
  • Baltimore, MD – 2:50
  • Durham, NC – 2:50
  • Raleigh, NC – 3:00
  • Winston-Salem, NC – 3:50
  • North Carolina border – 1:30
  • Maryland border – 1:30
  • Delaware border – 3:10
  • South Carolina border – 4:00
  • Petersburg, VA – 1:00
  • Fredericksburg, VA – 1:30
  • Lynchburg, VA – 2:40
  • Roanoke, VA – 3:20
  • Fayetteville, NC – 3:20
  • Greensboro, NC – 3:30
  • Wilmington, NC – 4:10
  • Philadelphia, PA – 4:10

So, whether you’re looking for a Williamsburg family resort, campground/RV park, or a retreat center near Richmond, VA; Northern Virginia; Washington D.C.; or Baltimore, MD, consider our Christian retreat and conference center.

Address: 9275 Barnes Road, Toano, VA 23168
GPS Coordinates: 37.419961, -76.843194

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No. While overnight guests get cheaper rates, groups not staying overnight can still rent meeting rooms or outdoor space.

  • Indoor meeting rooms available to rent by the hour
  • Outdoor meeting areas available to rent as a full-day or half-day

See meeting room options here.

Note: To ensure that overnight retreat groups have access to our conference rooms and meeting spaces, weekend day events using indoor meeting rooms cannot be scheduled more
than one month in advance. Non-summer weekdays may be scheduled up
to two months in advance.

See details about our meeting room rates and options.

Nonprofits and churches may use an Oakwood conference room mid-week at no charge for up to 4 hours. Contact us for details.

Our indoor meeting rooms include the following:

  • Coffee maker
  • TV
  • DVD player
  • Whiteboard

Food service is available for an additional fee.

Learn more or contact us.

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