Neighborhood Guest Passes

All neighbors who wish to have permission to enter the WCRC property can choose to get an Annual Pass or a Day Pass. (Pool passes are separate.) 

Annual Passes and Day Passes are currently available to residents of the Racefield neighborhood and Racefield Road, Barnes Road, The Retreat neighborhood, and Skillman Road at no cost. 

You will notice a sign posted at the back gate. We want our neighbors to know that permission is required to come on grounds. We are not trying to discourage your use of the grounds. On the contrary, we want you to feel the freedom to use the grounds even more.  

Annual Pass

An Annual Pass allows the holder and their family to come on grounds year-round. Annual Pass holders may use the grounds any day of the week from dawn until dark. Annual Passes are valid for the year they are issued and must be renewed each year. We ask that all Annual Pass Holders wear a wrist band at all times while on grounds for easy identification by our staff.   

If you have children ages 12 to 17, they may be on the grounds unaccompanied, but only during office hours. When the office closes, they must depart unless they are accompanied by you or another pass holder who is 18 or over. Children under 12 must always be accompanied by an adult.  

Neighborhood Guest Pass Application

Please bring your application in to the office to get your wristbands. 

Day Pass

A Day Pass allows the holder to enjoy the grounds on the day it is obtained until dark. Those under 18 may not acquire a Day Pass without being accompanied by one of their parents. Day Pass Applications must be acquired and completed at our office on the day of use.   

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