Planning your Retreat 101: Navigating Reservations

You’ve decided to plan a retreat at the Williamsburg Christian Retreat Center! What are the next steps towards a smooth and enjoyable planning process?

When you request a quote please fill in as much information as you can. One of our reservations coordinators will contact you to confirm dates and any additional information with you. The more information you can give upfront, the easier it will be for them to process your contract, and they will be better able to answer questions you may have before finalizing your retreat plans.

Your requested dates can be held for you for up to a week while you make the final decision and confirm with your group. Once you call to confirm your retreat plans, we will send you a contract. Your reservation is not complete until you have returned your signed contract with a deposit.

Clear expectations lead to stress-free retreats! Take the time to think of questions, concerns or special needs your group may have before you come on site (like food allergies), and talk to us about them. This allows us to be as prepared as possible for your group.

By taking these steps while still in the planning stages, you can eliminate some of the planning stress and be better prepared to enjoy the retreat you have worked so hard on!

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