Retreat Groups Continue to Enjoy WCRC

While we talk a lot about Kaleidoscope Camp and our other events, retreat groups coming in to host their own family reunions, staff trainings, school trips or church retreats are really what’s happening day to day here. Our staff tries hard to make sure that groups have clean facilities, good food and a peaceful environment for their time here. Here are a few notes shared with us by recent retreat leaders:

It seems like the devil had tried everything he could to keep this retreat from happening. Everything that could possibly go wrong, did. On Thursday morning, after I had already loaded everything into my van and was out picking up stuff, the van broke down and I could hear the devil say “See, there is no need to go to this retreat.  It’s going to be raining and people are not showing up. You might as well cancel.”  I called our speaker for Friday night and asked her to please pray.
Well,  the devil had a reason for not wanting us to go to this retreat because God showed up and took over! He held the rain off for us to be able to walk the Prayer Trail and sit at the 3 crosses and pray. We had our own popcorn time inside where we each got to give our testimonies about how great our God is and what he has done for us.
Friday night, after our speaker spoke, she had an alter call and my granddaughter turned her life back over to God. Oh what rejoicing there was. We had prayer for another lady and healing for two others. We then had communion and we started praising God and telling how great he is and what he has done for us! What an amazing night! ~Robin

Everything was perfect, as usual. The facility was clean and well maintained. June was especially helpful when it became clear that one day of our retreat was going to be a full day of rain and storms. She made sure we had adequate facilities to get our activities under cover. After all these years I feel like June and Stacey are my personal friends! Josh was especially helpful this year too, as we had a small crisis with a bathroom door… it’s a long story 🙂  ~Nancy

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