Pondering the Contrast

I enjoyed spending a few hours in the hustle and bustle of downtown Richmond the other day.  It’s an energizing atmosphere with so much going on that I could barely take it all in.  Street vendors, window washers, buses going by.  People hurrying to cross the street, horns honking, sirens wailing.  What an amazing world the city is!

As I pondered the contrast between downtown Richmond and the quiet serenity of WCRC, I once again realized why this place is so special and so important.

Not all of us live in the big city, but we all have very busy and often noisy lives. Our daily schedules can be so full that there’s barely time to breathe, let alone pray.  Many of us live our lives in over-drive, over-load, and over-commitment. 

We all need to take the time to get away and get some perspective.

The peaceful 300 acres of WCRC is set aside for this very purpose.  It’s a place where people can step out of the fast flowing current of life, take a deep breath of Holy Spirit air, and spend time with the One who alone can make sense of it all.

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