Thank You, Leaders of Tomorrow Donors!

Thank You, Leaders of Tomorrow Donors!

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Because camp counseling for one summer has the compounding impact of eight missions trips in a row, working at camp teaches young people to value and prioritize their walk with Christ.

Thanks to you, we can pay the salaries of summer camp staff who are here learning to serve God and others. We have seen Christ use the summer camp at WCRC to change many hearts and lives for Him. Anyone who sits in the Magnolia building when camp is in session can hear the testimonies of the counselors as they grow! When asked what they’ve learned through working at camp, counselors tell of the detailed beauty of God’s care for them.

The first week this summer when the campers arrived, counselor Minty had a moment of realization that all these children were her responsibility and they needed lots of extra attention and love. “At the end of the week, I didn’t know if I could have done it if God hadn’t been taking care of me,” she says. She learned to rely on God’s strength instead of her own.

“Just working one summer has shaped who I am now.”

~Allison, photographer

Photographer Allison says that she learned from camp to listen to God’s calling. He has a reason for every interaction that takes place. “He will put you where He needs you to be when He needs you to be there,” she says. “Just working one summer has shaped who I am now.”

After a moment of thought, counselor Caleb says, “It’s okay to pray to God to ask for what you know you lack and what you don’t know you lack. He knows what you need. He clothes the birds and the lilies in the fields; He’ll take care of you.”

Ginger, counselor for this year’s ministry leadership training program, says, “I learned once again that no matter how unprepared or inadequate I am, God will use what I bring to Him for His glory. He wastes nothing He has given.”

“God is faithful.”

~Hannah, head counselor

Head counselor Hannah finishes, “God is faithful. This summer has been full of curveballs and challenges, but through each one God has shown Himself and worked through it.”

Ask any staff member: everyone here has been tried beyond their own ability in the past two months. What’s special about camp isn’t how proud the counselors are for their strength but how reliant they grow on the power of God in their everyday lives.

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By partnering with us in providing for these counselors’ salaries, you play a crucial part in challenging them to grow, preparing them to serve, and equipping them to lead. You invest in the Leaders of Tomorrow. We praise God for your support. Thank you!

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