Plan Your Retreat 106: Enjoying the Retreat as a Leader

You’ve worked hard, you’ve been planning this retreat for months, now it’s finally here and you’re working harder than ever! Before you know it, the retreat will be done and you’ll be completely wiped out without ever enjoying yourself! So what can you do to avoid the planning burnout and enjoy your retreat?

  • Delegate tasks to group members so that you aren’t in charge of everything when retreat day arrives.
  • Schedule down time. We often have groups say they wish they had more time to enjoy the grounds and relax, but they had so many items on their schedule that they never had time. Put a couple hours of free time in your schedule and encourage participants to take a hike or use our recreation facilities and you do the same!
  • If you are able, add meals to your retreat reservation so that you don’t need to worry about cooking and clean up.
  • Take some time to think of little details like how many tables or chairs you’ll need in your meeting room or whether there are any food allergies in your group well beforehand and talk to us about it. That way we’re better able to be prepared for you and you have less things to worry about when you arrive.

Have you ever lead a retreat before? Have any more tips on avoiding retreat leader burnout?

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