Family Fun Game

A favorite game at our family retreat last year was e-ball. It’s similar to kick ball, but doesn’t need bases set up and is easier for younger children to play. You need a group of at least 6, the larger the group the more fun it is! Perfect for extended family groups and friends! Here’s how to play!

  1. Divide your group into 2 even teams: Team A and Team B.
  2. Team A will kick first. The kicker should stand ready to kick and the rest of the team should huddle up in a circle behind them. Team B should spread out like they’re in the outfield.
  3. Team B’s pitcher rolls a kickball to the kicker. Once the kicker kick the ball, he runs around Team A and counts how many times he gets around.
  4. Team B catches the ball and forms a line with the person holding the ball at the front. They pass the ball backwards by passing over the head, through the legs, over the head, etc. When the last person gets the ball they call out and the kicker stops running.
  5. The number of times that the kicker gets around his team is their score.
  6. Then the ball changes teams and Team B kicks.
  7. Play continues by switching the ball between teams until a certain score is reached or for a certain number of turns depending on how long you want the game to run.


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