Reflecting on Summer 2014

The campers are gone and the summer dust has settled a bit here (at least on the camp side of things.) As I sift through the evaluations from staff and campers I’d like to share some of the feedback with you to give you a glimpse of God’s handiwork through Kaleidoscope Camp this summer.

We had 282 campers and 64 family retreat participants.

Our new Ministry and Leadership Training Program had 6 campers.

Countless campers made commitments to read their Bible more, spend more time with God, praying or listening to Him, and taking steps to deepen their faith.

Over 20 campers dedicated their life to the Lord for the first time, and several others made re-commitments.

In the camper’s own words, here are some of the commitments shared:

• Renewed commitment to grow in my relationship with the Lord.
• Spend more time with God than with media.
• I rededicated my life and heart to God.
• I decided that I will put God before everyone and everything else.
• Glorify God in all I do.
• I need to spend more time with God so I can learn to listen to Him.
• To pray for my siblings every day.
• To try not to lie as much.

Our speakers and devotions this summer worked with a Superhero theme! The daily topics were: Jesus is the Ultimate Superhero, Jesus uses His power to save us, Jesus gives us power to bear fruit, and Jesus gives us power to witness and go. Here are some things the campers learned through the speaker, devotions and their counselors:

• We came from God and we’re going back to God.
• You’re not a mistake.
• You’re meant to be here.
• The devil cannot tempt you unless there’s a door in your heart not filled with Jesus.
• You can always go to God because He loves you.
• That God will accept me no matter what.
• You should not define yourself by your sins.
• Even if your desires and intentions are good, that doesn’t mean they’re God-led.
• I have learned that when I am worried and stressed about issues I need to cast my burdens on Him.
• I had been feeling very far from God, so I asked my counselor to pray for me with my relationship with God. Afterwards I felt His presence with me.
• False humility is not humility.
• I found out how I can show people I believe in Jesus.
• We are here on earth to share the Gospel.
• That we need to know scripture and we need to be in the world but not of the world.
• That God created us for a purpose and we are not worthless.
• That God loves us forever and knows our individual names.
• Don’t focus on sin, focus on God.
• I can still be important to Jesus and his plan even though I’m still a kid.

Many campers shared prayer requests with us, and we would love it if you would join with us in praying for them. Many of the requests mentioned sick friends and family members, surgeries, and struggling relationships. Another common theme is requesting prayer that the camper would be able to forgive someone in their life, have the courage to witness to a friend or family member or that they would find friends who would help keep them accountable to growing in their faith. Some asked for prayer that they would be able to develop a better relationship with their parents or siblings.

We saw many campers this summer with a desire to deepen their faith who readily acknowledged that they could not stick with their commitments on their own throughout the year, but they needed prayer and people to come alongside them and encourage them. Won’t you please be a part of that?

Pray for our campers, pray for strength as they seek to grow and pray for encouragement when they need it. Pray also for our counselors as they also apply what they learned through working at camp, and maintain relationships with their campers and continue to minister to them outside camp.

To hear more about this past summer and celebrate with us consider coming to our September Celebration on Sunday Sept. 7 from 3-6pm. It’s a free event with dinner, hayrides, a slideshow and music!

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