Plan Your Retreat 105: Point of Contact

When you call and schedule a retreat, we will enter you into our system as the group leader unless instructed otherwise. From our end, the group leader is the person we contact with any questions, the contract and other documentation is sent to them, and they are the one we expect to check in when they arrive.

Sometimes when groups have a retreat planned, we will have retreat participants calling to request a room preference, discuss menu options, ask for pricing on additional activities or get a quote for a different building. Unless the group leader specifically authorizes a co-leader to make changes and inquiries on behalf of the group, we cannot discuss certain information with anyone except the group leader.

In order to keep our records straight and avoid mix-ups with your reservation, please encourage your group members to send any questions through you as the group leader. We don’t want any confusion or miscommunication on either side that will add to your stress as the leader!

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