Why Does Camp Have Such a Big Impact on Kids?

Why does camp have such a big impact on kids? There are a lot of answers to that question. Some say that when kids are out of their normal routine, they become more teachable. Others point out that the “temporary community” of camp breaks down barriers and allows kids to ask questions they would otherwise hold inside.

There are many reasons that camp is special, however, there are four things that we like to point out about the camp environment that make it especially powerful in a spiritual sense: God’s creation, God’s Word,  God’s people, and God’s Spirit.

God’s creation draws our attention to the Creator, God’s Word penetrates our hearts and minds, God’s people offer encouragement and support, and God’s Holy Spirit moves us to a point of action.

WCRC is a place where the Holy Spirit is at work. It’s a place where God’s Word is taught and caught, and a place where God’s creation and God’s people are proclaiming the wonders and works of God. As a result, WCRC is a place where young people give their hearts to the Lord.

We think that is why camp has such a big impact on kids!

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