Preparing for Camp

Your child is all signed up for camp! For the younger or first time campers especially this can be an exciting and nervous thing! Here are some tips we’ve come across from parents and other camps for getting your camper ready for camp!

  • Let your child help pack. This will help them become invested in and excited about coming and they will know what they have with them and where it is in their bag. If you have an older camper who can pack for themselves, they may need to be reminded of the dress code to ensure that they have appropriate attire for their entire stay here.
  • Go over the Camp Rules with your child so that they know what to expect when they get here. The counselors will go over the rules on the first day of camp as well.
  • For younger campers have them practice ‘camp skills’ they will use. Turn off the lights and find the bathroom with a flashlight together.  Have them make their bed, take a shower, get dressed, and clean up after themselves on their own so that they’re comfortable doing this at camp. When campers are in Laurel Cottage there are lots of campers sharing the bathhouse and showers, so having campers who can get ready quickly with minimal assistance helps move things along.
  • Address and stamp some envelopes together so that your camper can write home during the week.
  • Discuss expected behavior with your camper. Project confidence that they will have fun, obey their counselors and behave well at camp.
  • Stay positive about camp! If your child seems reluctant don’t focus too much on how they will be missed, but instead talk about the fun they will have and how you can’t wait to hear stories when they return home!
  • If your child is especially nervous about staying in a new place, call us to see if you can set up a tour and bring your camper out to see our facilities and where he or she will be participating in the different activities. Especially after camp starts our availability for this is limited, so please call well in advance.
  • Ask your child if they have any questions or concerns and address them. Feel free to call us if you have any questions so that your camper is at ease.
  • Like our facebook page where we will post photos of the campers during the week!

There are some additional tips to help prevent homesickness on our website here. We look forward to helping your child have the best camp experience they can this summer!

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