Our Relationship with a God who Loves Us

Here’s a comment we received from a Music Weekend participant:  

“After our performance of David the Shepherd Boy on Sunday night, I began thinking back over the weekend that was already a memory. I think that I relived the presentation at least twice and was still sleepless. Finally I picked up “The Message” and started reading again the story of the Shepherd King from the book of 1 Samuel.  And then I read on through the book of 2 Samuel. 

That is the first time that I’ve read the story at one sitting. What jumped out at me is that David was no saint, but the thing that he valued above all was a personal relationship with a God that he loved. 

Throughout this weekend, we laughed together, forgot lines, missed notes, worried about the storm, tried to make genealogy connections, renewed old and formed new friendships, and sang with one voice; but one thread bound us together; that longing that is at the same time our deepest joy; our relationship with a God who loves us and draws us to Himself and each other. Thank you to all for the gift of the weekend.” 

 We often focus on the ministry that happens here in terms of young people.  The adults who attend our retreats come away refreshed and renewed in their faith as well.  

WCRC is a place of spiritual renewal and personal revival!  

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