Last minute provision for camp

We were about one week out from staff training beginning and were still in need of 1 more senior guy counselor. Josh put out a post on facebook asking if anyone knew of someone who would be interested.  A few days later he heard from Micah. He wasn’t sure yet if he could make it work with previous commitments, but he felt God leading him to camp this summer. Micah says, “everything went really smoothly. My boss gave me five weeks off so I could work here as a counselor for the summer. Being able to be here has definitely changed me a lot…Everybody has been so awesome, loving, encouraging…It was a privilege to be able to see God working through campers. Through when they have questions for us and I’m able to share my past experiences so that their question can be answered and so that they can learn. It’s awesome that God has given me the opportunity to do that.”
Micah (second from the right) with one of his cabins
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