How to Leave the Hamster Wheel

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What do you like to do? Are your hobbies things like sports, crafts, photography, nature, or books?

As a kid, I used to journal. I liked to write down everything that happened during my days. Sometimes though, I’d get behind and not write for months. Then it was a big job trying to catch up all that time. Finally I would sit down for a whole day and write everything out until I was satisfied that my life had been well-documented. It was such a relief when it was all done! But then would follow this vague feeling of emptiness. Now what? My careful chronicling had at last been completed, but did it serve any kind of lasting or greater purpose?

Solomon might have been feeling the same way when he wrote Psalm 127. It begins,

What is Solomon talking about? Are we just supposed to sit around and wait for God to do things? No, in other Scriptures God calls us to be hardworking and diligent.

Instead we must realize that we can do nothing of eternal significance without Him (John 15:5). Only through relationship with our holy creator can our everyday tasks take on a higher purpose. We can seek to worship Him with every thought and action of our lives.

Dig Deeper

Have you ever finished a big project or presentation only to feel a sense of restlessness once it was done? Try talking to God about everything you’re working on. When you start, continue, or finish a project, ask Him to use it for His glory, whatever that may be. He will honor your prayers and use you and your work for His eternal purposes, greater and more lasting than you could ever imagine.

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