Counselor Testimonies: Hannah

         Hi! My name is Hannah St. Clair. This summer, God blessed me the opportunity to serve as a junior counselor at camp. God did a lot of awesome things this summer! It was 
such a privilege to watch Him work in the campers lives. God’s work was evident through our daily devotions, worship, one on ones, and question times with the campers.

         One of my favorite testimonies from this summer was from this one 
camper I had. And all week long during devotions and worship she would 
answer every question and almost always had the right answer. She had 
grown up in a Christian home and had been given a lot of knowledge on the 
Bible. When it came time to our one-on-one conversation at the end of the week, it
became evident that she was not saved. She knew the 
answer but didn’t know how to have a personal relationship with Christ. 
After sharing the Gospel and praying together she came to the decision 
to accept Christ. We then talked about how to dig into His word and have 
an active prayer life. This just goes to show that having all the knowledge 
does not always equal a relationship with Christ. 

         Another story from camp is very personal to me, because it was at a summer 
camp that I learned to make my faith my own. Another one of my campers this summer was a young girl that reminded me of myself at her age. She also had grown up in a 
Christian family and accepted Christ at a very young age. But it wasn’t until 
this summer at camp that God had called her to go deeper in her 
relationship with Him. It was an awesome experience for me to witness this 
as a counselor, because I had once been like this young girl. 

           Camp is for everyone. It is for the unsaved to hear the Gospel. It is for 
“Churched” to turn their knowledge into a relationship. And it is for all 
campers and counselors to grow in their faith. Thank you for the 
opportunity to experience camp!

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