Camp is not just important for the camper’s spiritual growth!

Since 2012, Andrew has served here as a volunteer, lifeguard, head lifeguard, senior counselor, support staff coordinator and he currently works in the kitchen and runs activities for groups. He writes, “Attending summer camps and then working at WCRC over the years has helped shape who I am and my spiritual walk. Getting to know a number of staff members and campers has created an accountability network that motivates me to grow in my faith. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to be able to pour into campers and watch them grow during and outside of camp. One week I had a kid in my cabin break his arm. I remember running back to my cabin to update his friends. They all immediately asked if we could pray together and we were all able to turn to God in that moment and grow together. Although that event was unfortunate, it reminded me that working at camp and being able to watch and participate in moments of prayer like that is a huge blessing.”
Andrew (second on the left) participating in the camp skit with other staff members this past summer. 
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