Worthy of Praise 

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Worship is our response to who God is.  
Have you ever heard someone say that they didn’t like the music in church so they couldn’t worship? Have you ever tried to pray but you just “weren’t feeling it?”
The thing is, we don’t need to have the “right feeling” or exactly the right atmosphere for our tastes in order to worship. Sometimes you may not feel like worshiping, but that’s not an excuse to not praise God in your life.
We don’t worship God based on how we feel, but based on who He is.
God never changes, but our feelings sure do. No matter what we feel, God is the same, and He is deserving of our worship and praise.

Dig Deeper

​A lot of times, people refer to singing in church as the “worship part” of the service, but there are many ways to worship: through song, art, dance, prayer, service, etc. Doing something that gives praise and adoration to God is worship.
What are some ways you can worship God throughout your day? 
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