WCRC: A Place for Growth

WCRC: A Place for Growth

The picture below was taken in the corner of the Oakwood Lodge parking lot.  The dedicated volunteers who planted this tree thought they got it right – plenty of room between the tree and the lamppost.  Now, 25 years later, we see the rest of the story. The tree grew much bigger than they anticipated.  So big that we’ll likely need to move the lamppost! This reminds me of Kaleidoscope Camp.


We often underestimate the growth that occurs as a result of camp. 

I sometimes like to tell the staff, “You really have no idea…”  When I say this I mean: you have no idea the impact you are making in the lives of these kids.  As campers go through a week of Kaleidoscope Camp they are immersed in a community of loving believers.  They spend extended time in God’s creation, in God’s Word and with God’s people. All the while they are having a blast doing fun activities, building relationships with their peers, and making awesome memories.  It’s a perfect recipe for growth. 

Our staff members tend to learn and grow even more.  Hear what they said about how they grew in 2019 as a result of working at camp:

·   “I find myself being much bolder and more confident in sharing my faith.” 

·   “I have a desire to spend time in God’s Word now that I did not have before.”

·   “I have learned to dig deeper into the Word.” 

·   “I feel like I have grown in my awareness of how dependent I am on Christ.”

When kids come to camp, they often put their faith in Jesus for the first time or come to know the Lord in a new and deeper way. At WCRC, young and old alike are inspired to step out of their comfort zones and take the next step in following Jesus wherever he leads them.  Some learn to hear his voice better as they get into His Word, some discover a new habit of prayer, and some discover that they need to go home and get reconciled with their neighbor or family member.  Some hear the Lord calling them to the mission field or to begin a new ministry or take on a leadership position at church. 

By supporting WCRC you are making all this possible. 

You are providing a place for the Holy Spirit to work in the lives of kids and adults through camping and retreats.  This is a gift with eternal value.  Thank you!

Bob Briscoe

Executive Director

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