Seeking Our Mission on a Smaller Scale

Here at WCRC, things have slowed down. Many employees are working remotely or with reduced hours and groups have been limited to under ten people. Since there is no food service and common areas have closed, most of our groups have had to cancel. Though numbers are reduced, WCRC is continuing to operate in its mission to provide a place for the Holy Spirit to work in the lives of kids and adults. In the weeks since the Stay Home Order was announced, we have been encouraged by testimonies of God’s goodness to those in our community. Today we have a story from Lang Craighill.

The Craighills have attended Family Camp at WCRC for the past several years. Lang shared how WCRC has always been a significant place for his family as it was where both he and his son Shane first publicly declared their relationships with Christ. 

Recently WCRC has been the host of another significant time of connection and growth for the Craighill Family. After deciding to go through Family Life’s Passport2Purity curriculum with his oldest son, Lang said, “It came up naturally to consider the WCRC facility and we were able to rent a cabin there… So Shane and I spent the weekend there and Shane still characterizes the weekend as the best weekend of his life.” 

Since the experience was so positive with his oldest, Lang decided to have another retreat, this time with his  younger son, Joshie. Lang remarked that “When both of them came back, [my wife] Wendy commented that Joshie had a different – she thought it was a look on his face  – but it was a kind of behavior shift, he started to think of himself differently, I think, and Shane too…. Not that they weren’t already brought up thinking of God’s word and His plan but it kind of personalized it for them and was significant I think coming from a parent and that close focused amount of time.” 

Lang was glad that COVID-19 did not prevent him from having this life-changing experience with his sons and even explained that the isolation made the time more special. He believed that “it added to the overall experience in a weird sort of way. We had the place to ourselves. It was very much so a solitary time alone, talking about important things and God’s word and being able to focus on that and each other. [We were] outdoors most of the time and felt like it was isolated in a way and it was just a perfect environment for it and helped the overall specialness and uniqueness of the process.” 

We are so glad that WCRC continues to be a special place for the Craighill Family. We are still open for retreats of under 10. If you or your family need some time away, consider staying in our campground or the newly renovated Oakwood. 

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