Love your Neighbor

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Back in the day, (think: Little House on the Prairie times), kids played with their siblings and the kids who lived right within the same town or one farm over. You might not even know someone who lived even one state away. Even not too long ago when your parents were young, kids played with the other kids who lived within walking distance. Now with technology like phones, computers and the internet, you can easily communicate with friends all over the world daily. 

Sometimes, we can be so busy playing games with or talking to far away friends, that we forget to be a neighbor to our neighbors who actually live right near us. How well do you know the people who live on your street or in your building? In Mark 12:31, Jesus said, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” It’s kind of hard to love someone when you don’t even know them isn’t it?  

Take some time to think about how the world might be different if everyone took more time to get to know and love their neighbors who live right near them. 

Dig Deeper

Talk to your parents about some ways your family can get to know some of your neighbors. What can you do to love them? Maybe bring someone homemade cookies, help with yard work or offer to babysit. 
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