Light the Way

Light the Way is the name we chose for a mini-fundraising campaign to add a light onto our entrance sign.  It was such a blessing to see God provide the $600 we needed through two enthusiastic donors.  It was an additional blessing to see God provide the manpower to install the light which included an electrician, a trencher, a tractor operator, and some guys willing to dig.

As we saw the resources come together on this project, it reminded me of a sermon I heard recently about the way God gives us gifts that we can use to bring Him glory.  As we each use our gifts in the context of the body of Christ and the various gifts found there, God uses us together to bring others to himself and to grow the church to maturity. 

Just as the new light on our entrance will allow others to find WCRC in the dark, the body of Christ can work together to be a light that will draw others out of darkness to himself, The Light of the World!

To see more about this in the Bible go to Ephesians 4:11-13 and then to Acts 11: 19-29

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