At Camp!

Recently in my men’s Bible study, we’ve been looking at Bill Hybel’s book and video, Just Walk Across a Room.  Bill is the senior pastor of a very large church in the Chicago area.  In one segment he contrasts his life with that of a childhood friend of his who grew up going to the same church as Bill, but later left the faith calling it, “…just a bunch of rules.”  Bill, on the other hand, grew in his faith and now leads others to faith.  In a fairly emotional part of the video, Bill comments that the one difference between himself and his friend was that he found out about grace.  He goes on to say that he found out about grace…AT CAMP!  He doesn’t give the name of the camp, but in other parts of the book he tells about putting his faith in Jesus Christ at camp. 

Statistics show that a high percentage of people serving in ministry had significant life-changing experiences AT CAMP and retreat centers.  Some hear the call to salvation at camp, some hear the call to full-time ministry at camp and others find healing and peace at camp. 

In the mid 1980’s Lloyd Weaver and Bob Mast were asking, “Where do young people make the decision to give their hearts to the Lord?”  As they asked around the big answer that kept coming up: AT CAMP.  Their response: “If that’s where the Holy Spirit is working, let’s build a place for the Holy Spirit to work!”   With this leading, they began the work of building WCRC.

I met with a young man this past weekend who was a camper here in 2003.  He’s now a civil engineering student at Clemson University.  When I asked how he planned to use his education, he said he was going to serve on the mission field in Ghana.  Wow!  I know camp wasn’t the only factor that moved him to serve in this way, but it was one.  Praise God!

Thank you for being a part of this ministry.  People need a place to get away from the fast pace of life where they can un-plug and hear the still small voice of God.  Whether it is a weekend retreat, a personal retreat, or a session of Kaleidoscope Camp, God’s voice is just easier to hear AT CAMP.

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