2015 Kaleidoscope Camp!

The 2015 Summer Camp season is over!

We had a record breaking 321 campers, 11 Ministry & Leadership Training campers, and 44 Family Camp participants! What an awesome summer of ministry!

17 campers gave their lives to Christ this summer! Many, many others made commitments to read their Bible more, memorize scripture and spend more time in prayer. Here are some of the other commitments campers wrote on their evaluations:

·         I’m trying to be nicer to my sister, even though it’s really hard
·         I commit to reading a verse once a week in the Bible and to listen to my parents more
·         Have a good attitude doing chores
·         I have decided that I want a better relationship with God and not just going to church
·         Start a prayer journal
·         To stop leaning on my parent’s relationship with God but to form my own
·         To focus more on what the Holy Spirit is telling me and to grow in confidence in sharing what I                        hear/learn with others
·         To follow God’s plan for me, to listen and respond to His voice, and to stop trying to figure out or                   change things on my own
Through the camp speakers and cabin devotions, camper’s learned Biblical truth that are life-changing. Here are some of the answers to the question “What was the most important thing you learned?”

·         Let your light shine
·         God is spiritual water
·         God died on the cross for our sins
·         God’s always with us
·         Be thankful for what you have
·         In order to get to heaven you have to accept Jesus
·         Jesus is our friend forever! He loves us forever! 
·         With Jesus you have a clean slate
·         God is in control 
·         You can’t work your way to heaven
·         To forgive the people who have hurt you
·         Prayer is powerful
·         When we were in devotions talking about the change in Peter when he had the Holy Spirit, I realized               that God forgives any sin and can give His Spirit to make us bold
·         By grace we are saved
·         How to present the gospel 
·         How to truly love the Lord with your soul, heart, mind and strength 
·         My heart and value are far more important than my abilities 
·         It’s not about who I am, it’s about what He’s done 
·         Our opinions not being based on what we think, but on what God says 
·         It was very reassuring to hear that God loves me because of my heart and who I am and not my skill               sets. God didn’t choose me because of what I can do but rather because I am precious in his sight

We also asked the campers for any prayer requests before they left. Most of them were for sick friends and relatives or safety traveling. Here are some of the other things campers mentioned: 

·         My friend who doesn’t know about God. I’ve been telling her about God
·         My parents to get along
·         That I would have a stronger relationship with God
·         My fire for God wouldn’t go out after I leave camp 
·         For my cousins who don’t know Jesus and for God to open opportunities to help them
·         Being patient and waiting for God’s answer 
·         Dealing with depression and anxiety 

Please be in prayer for these requests and all our campers, their families and our staff as they head into a new school year. Pray that as they face challenges and come down off the ‘spiritual high’ they may have experienced at camp, they would know that God is with them all the time and He will give them the strength to live their lives for Him! 

Also, join us in thanking and praising God for the amazing opportunity we have here to impact all these lives with the truth of the gospel!  

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