Letter from our Executive Director


Dear Friends of WCRC, 

It’s really great to be able to reach out to you all during this time of quarantine.  I hope you are safe and healthy and I hope you are learning some new things as you navigate these very unique times we are living in.  Personally, I feel like God is helping me to slow down and listen to Him better.  

If you’ve been wondering how we are doing here at WCRC, we are still here and we are still doing what we do best – providing a place for the Holy Spirit to work in the lives of kids and adults through camping and retreats – just on a much smaller scale. The campground is open for RV Guests, our lodging is available to groups of 10 or less, and Day Guests are welcome to come out and enjoy the grounds. Click here to see all the details about our current policies. 

Some of our staff members are working from home and some are on reduced hours.  Those here are doing their best to stay busy. June in Guest Services, and Sheri and Lisa in Reservations have lots of groups calling in to find out what to do about their retreats.  Travis and I are developing contingency budgets and keeping an eye on the financial picture. Renee continues to post inspirational items on Facebook. Andrew and Larry are getting the pool ready for summer and using this time to clean up the maintenance area.  Lori and Kai are updating recipes and creating new menus. Patricia and our housekeepers are doing some seasonal cleaning. And Josh is interviewing summer camp staff and getting ready for Kaleidoscope Camp. If you haven’t already, click here to go to our Facebook page so you can stay current on what’s going on.    

One thing to note:  We are experiencing a major decrease in income.  Our normal Guest Group income for March, April and May is over $150,000.  Many of our groups are re-booking for later this year or in 2021, but the loss is still substantial.  In addition, we have had to cancel our banquets, which typically generate nearly $20,000 in donations.  Please consider a special gift to WCRC today to help us continue to provide a place for the Holy Spirit to work in the lives of kids and adults through camping and retreats.  Click here to learn more and to find out how to give to WCRC during this lean time.  

Also, as you find yourself with more down-time, I hope you’ll add us to your prayer list.  You can sign up for our weekly prayer emails here.  Pray that God will sustain us through this time and that as we navigate the quarantine God will give us wisdom and creativity and the resources we need to continue providing a place for the Holy Spirit to work in the lives of kids and adults through camping and retreats. We would also love the opportunity to pray for you.  To submit a prayer request, click here.   

Bob Briscoe
Executive Director

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