Skilled Volunteers at WCRC

Below is a list of volunteer opportunities for those with professional-level skills. 
If you or someone you know would be interested in helping us keep WCRC a “top-notch” facility, please contact us.

Holly Cottage

  • Door Specialist – replace front door
  • Painting – exterior lintels (5)
  • Painting – refinish coffee table
  • Electricians – add a streetlight to the parking lot

Magnolia Center

  • Carpet installation – dining room
  • Carpenters – build a new deck
  • Painting – dining room ceiling
  • Carpenters – build a wall between foyer and dining room
  • Drywall Specialist – for the item above
  • Electricians – Re-position light switches in dining room
  • Electricians – Reposition light switch in office

Laurel Cottage

  • Door Specialist – replace front door

To be contacted with more details you can fill out our volunteer 
interest form for individuals, or groups interested in a service project.

We’re here to help you.

We want to serve you any way we can. Contact us today to talk with one of team members – we’re excited to meet you!

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