Join us for 30 days of praying into the Lord’s plan for our year. 

Today’s Prayer point October 29th: 
Pray for our upcoming Christmas around the Campfire
That all who come will be blessed and reminded that Jesus is the reason for the season

Thanks for your desire to lift up WCRC in prayer.  Above all, we want this ministry to glorify God and draw people into a closer relationship with Him.  We want God to use WCRC in a powerful way to strengthen individuals and churches so that they can have a greater impact in their communities and in the world. We want to continue to be a place where the unsaved begin a relationship with Jesus Christ, and a place where believers take that next step in their journey of faith.    

It’s a challenging time for our ministry.  We are completing a phase of facility renovation and moving into a time of facility growth.  Simultaneously, we are in a time of staff transition as several on our team are retiring soon.  

In the midst of it all, we want to keep our focus on God.  Thanks for praying for WCRC!

Full Calendar of Prayer Points – Click here to download a PDF of this calendar.

Oct. 1 – Fundraising for the Oakwood Lodge Renovation Project

    Oct. 2 – The groups who will stay in our renovated Oakwood Lodge rooms in 2020 

Oct. 3 – Ask God to give us guidance as we seek to improve our donor development program

Oct. 4 – Pray for wisdom and unity in the many decisions that will accompany our renovation of Oakwood Lodge.

Oct. 5 – Pray for safety for our general contractor and the subcontractors who will be working on the project.

Oct. 6- Pray for our board that they will yield to the Lord in all their decisions. 

Oct. 7 – Pray for our leadership, our housekeepers, foodservice workers, maintenance crew, office, and program staff to serve well.

Oct. 8 – Pray for us to work well with the contractors on the renovation.  

   Oct. 9 – Pray for strong bookings in 2020.

Oct. 10 – Pray for our retreat group leaders who will be here in the latter part of 2019 and 2020.

Oct. 11 – Pray that we would continue to connect with and serve local Williamsburg community.

Oct. 12 – Pray for our staff as they prepare for Kaleidoscope Camp 2020.

Oct. 13 – Pray for all the day guests and individuals who will be coming to WCRC in 2020

Oct. 14 – Pray that young people who don’t know the Lord will come to camp and begin a relationship with Him.  

 Oct. 15 – Pray for our 2020 Kaleidoscope Camp staff.

Oct. 16 – Pray for the families who live right next door to WCRC.

Oct. 17 – Pray for our campers who already have a relationship with God. 

Oct. 18 – Pray for all of our first-time campers.

Oct. 19 – Pray for our 2020 fundraising events- Golf Classic, Camp Scholarship Fund, and year-end appeal.

Oct. 20 –  Pray for our 2020 Family Fun Day.

Oct. 21 – Pray for our Winter Youth Retreat.

Oct. 22 – Pray for our upcoming Christmas around the Campfire. 

Oct. 23 – Pray for the ministry of our pool. 

Oct. 24 – Pray for creativity as our staff is confronted with challenges and opportunities for new programs and activities.  

Oct. 25 – Pray that we would have a strong enrollment (300+) campers in 2020.  

Oct. 26 – Pray that God would provide the volunteers we need in 2020

Oct. 27 – Pray for all our staff families and the families of our board members

Oct. 28 – Pray that God would continue to grow our donor base.

Oct. 29 – Pray that the Lord would guide us as we hire new staff for those retiring.

Oct. 30 – Lastly, please pray that the Lord will bless our new year and be at the center of everything we do.

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