Staff Reference

Here at Williamsburg Christian Retreat Center, we seek applicants who have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, a willingness to serve others, an ability to work together with others in close community, and a good attitude. Please evaluate the applicant based on your experience, and answer as many of the questions as possible.

  • Please evaluate the applicant in the areas listed below using a scale of 1-5. An average rating (3) is an indicator that, based on your experience;

    the applicant would perform acceptably in the position(s) applied for. This rating is not a bad rating and is to be affirmed. Other ratings should be used to indicate above or below average performance.

    1=Unsatisfactory 2=Marginal 3=Average 4=Good 5=Excellent

  • If you have any questions about this form or need additional information please contact the Program Director by calling (757)566-2256 or emailing

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