What happens when you give to WCRC

Renee began attending Kaleidoscope Camp in 2008. In 2014, she went through our Ministry Leadership Training program and she has since served on our summer camp staff for 3 summers.

Her mother, Laurin, sent us the following: I am so grateful that Renee has had this ministry opportunity in her teen years because it has given her both a vision and passion for ministry as well as equipping her for it! I have been overwhelmed with joy in seeing what it has produced in her. In serving younger children and youth, she has developed a desire to see young people come to Christ and to grow to spiritual maturity. She was amazed to watch God use her to connect with these young people with varying life situations and see how leading them through God’s Word and His principles could have such a transforming impact on them. She also learned the need and power of prayer as she had to rely on God for helping her through some tough conversations.

This year, she has been chosen by her college to be a Life Group leader on a freshmen hall where she is in charge of overseeing 30 girls…which requires leadership qualities I believe she received from being in the role of counselor at WCRC. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity for her and am thankful to God and WCRC for the impact it has had on my daughter!

When folks make a donation to WCRC, I like to mention the “ripple effect.” Picture a rock being tossed into a pond and the impact it makes in concentric circles spreading outward until the whole pond is changed by that one little action. If we could see all the ripples originating from WCRC, I think we would be really amazed.

This summer, we got to see this in action in one of our Kaleidoscope Camp counselors, Jim Miller. Prior to coming to camp, Jim was somewhat unsure of God’s direction for his life. During the very first week of camp, Jim got to experience the joy of seeing one of his campers put his faith in Jesus for the first time.

After camp was over, he said, “I have grown so much in a short time and I am so blessed that I was able to work at WCRC this past summer! I will never be the same because of it.” Jim’s mom says, “The Lord met Jim in an amazing way at the Williamsburg Christian Retreat Center, and we are forever grateful for the opportunity you gave him this summer. Through the ministry of the staff at the camp, hard work, the beautiful Christian community, and the ministry to the kids, the Lord transformed Jim’s heart and his life in a most astounding way.” The ripples started in Jim’s life through Kaleidoscope Camp will continue, touching others he comes in contact with for years to come.

God uses this ministry to change lives.

When church groups come here for a retreat, participants can hear God’s direction for their lives and ministries. When kids come to camp, they often put their faith in Jesus for the first time or come to know the Lord in a new and deeper way. We’ve seen God inspire young and old alike to pursue mission opportunities, go to seminary, become pastors, or become leaders in the churches they attend.

When you make a gift to WCRC, the ripple effect begins. You become part of God’s work: transforming lives, empowering churches, and changing the world! Changing lives that impact a hurting world.

Here’s the reasoning behind it: When people think of giving, they often think of supporting groups that feed the hungry and help those in poverty. This is essential, God’s word commands it, and we need to do it.

But what about the future? Who will give to the poor 10 years from now? Who will feed the hungry in 20 years? Who are tomorrow’s missionaries, and who will support them?

By giving to WCRC, you are helping us raise up the next generation of givers.

Our goal is to see young people respond to the gospel, giving their hearts to Him in ever-increasing measure so that they are then willing and able to respond to Him in faithful obedience when He calls them to be a part of His work in the world.

Whether it’s through Kaleidoscope Camp, our programmed retreats, or the church groups we host year-round, WCRC gives people a chance to come away from their busy lives to get re-focused and re-connected so they can return re-charged and ready to reach out to a hurting world.

By giving to WCRC you are helping to forge a new generation who will be the hands and feet of Jesus to a hurting world. We are growing tomorrow’sgivers, mobilizing tomorrow’s missionaries, and equipping tomorrow’s leaders.

We’re here to help you.

We want to serve you any way we can. Contact us today to talk with one of team members – we’re excited to meet you!

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