Wish List and Big Dreams
Current Wish List Items

Stacking Chairs for Edgewood Pavillion
$40 each. Total needed 50.

12 Donated!

Gas Grills for Guest Group Cookouts
$300 each. Total needed 2.


Televisions for Meeting Rooms
$300 each. Total needed 2.


Washing Machine for Guest Laundry
$500 each. Total needed 1.


New Mattresses and Box Springs for Holly Cottage
$600 each. Total needed 6.

1 Donated!

Computers, 1 for Foodservices and 1 for Programs
$600 each. Total needed 2.

1 Donated!

Commercial Grade Vacuum for Housekeeping
$800 each. Total needed 2.

1 Donated!

Hot Water Heaters for Oakwood
$2,250 each. Total needed 2.

Carpet for Magnolia Dining Room
$3,000 raised, $1,000 to go!

New Deck for Magnolia Center

Table for the deck $700
Umbrella to go with it $200

Small bus for transporting campers safely to and from canoeing.

Big Dream Items:

In our budgeting process we try to be practical and
reasonable. In our brainstorming we like to dream big!
Below are some things that are "long term" ideas that we
are moving towards. If you would like to help us make one
of these into a "short term" or even a NOW project, we
would welcome your help!

Climbing Tower

Contact us about this!